Fathers Day Gift, What Should I Get?!

It’s that time of year again, the clock is ticking and all of the siblings are texting each other in their WhatsApp groups titled “Fathers Day.” What to get?! It’s always a tough decision, your dad is the most giving person you know, he doesn’t want anything but your love and doesn’t need anything either. But you know you have to get creative and get him something meaningful, not necessarily expensive, it’s not a competition, rather something that will touch his heart, something he can connect with.


A personalized piece of jewelry has always been a gift of love, its unique, its fun, its cool, its young, modern, and one if a kind. Having the ability to gift your dad a piece that only he has is something that will definitely touch his heart.


Ranging from necklaces to bracelets, you can choose from a variety of cool fonts offered these days. Not into gold or silver? Say no more! Check out the Black Gun Metal Plated line that will be sure to catch his eye. Personalized jewelry stands out and is an easy gift to settle with, and well, the reason for that is because it is personalized :) You make it and build it the way you seem fit. Get creative, it doesn’t necessarily need to be his name, how about something funny or goofy? How about “BBQ, Anyone?!” Put a smile on his face, connect the piece to his personality and have him carry it with wherever he goes so that he always brings good energies with him.


Personalized jewelry has been a trend that’s been on the run for the last few years, it’s a simplified piece of jewelry that has a connection to ones self. People like to be bold, people are confident or want to raise confidence. These traits can be triggered by ones fashion accessories.

Stand out, welcome to Fashion Freedom, stay Novalico.