Personalized Jewelry is LIFE!

Jewelry has always held its ground in the fashion world but theres only one style that will be in our hearts forever and that is nothing less than personalized jewelry. 

Multi layer collections are coming in hot and what else can anchor your set other than a custom name necklace? One can get creative and use funny words or phrases to make a statement, another can walk around with confidence representing his or her name.

Name Necklaces come in various fonts and each one connects to someone in some special way. From bold fonts to scriptive fonts, the custom necklaces bring your name to life in a significant way. Each one of the styles represents a personality trait that one walks around with from day to day. We found that the Bold Font represents confidence and boldness, strength and leadership. As the cursive and script nameplates represents Love and Compassion. 


The Perfect Gift Does Not Exis-

Personalized jewelry are known to be one of the most meaningful gifts one can give. Every style connects to different occasions, the infinity name necklace collection can be the perfect gift for a mother to carry around her children's names or even a couple to show that their love is forever! From Name Bracelets to Name Rings and all the way to Name Anklets, getting personal is the most meaningful gift one can give.

As the holiday season approaches the stress for gift giving comes along as well, at Novalico we try to make it easy for you by offering exquisite pieces for affordable prices. The designs and styles we offer come from our creative directors who live and strive through fashion. Personalized jewelry allows you guys to get creative yourself by putting together a meaningful set and allowing a connection between the gift giver and the taker.

Novalico is your first step towards Fashion Freedom and we are here to stay, stay bold and stay confident.



The Novalico Family