Summer is Almost Here and We Are So Excited

We can already taste the salty and tropical air by the beaches of our favorite destinations and we couldn't be more excited. Love and happiness fills our hearts with positive energies around us.

We can't wait to show off our new and colorful bathing suits that shine bright off the sun. This year we are excited to announce our Bohemian Bracelet Collection which will sure add positivity to your beach wear.

Our bohemian style bracelets were inspired by culture from around the world and the connection between us and our beautiful planet. A middle ground between simplicity and modern day trends set our standards and birthed our exclusive collection.

This summer trend is a whole mood and is triggered by how you feel every morning. From turtles to expeditions and all the way to beach parties and love, we aspired for greatness and no one can stop us.

Bohemian style has grown over the years and we hope it doesn't stop because we are loving it! It expresses fashion freedom and connects it to our inner soul from within. Something about it sparks a connection between the sun, the beach, the tan, the sand, the ocean and the pool. It naturally triggers a feeling of summer and a feeling of freedom. It tends to bring back your youth and pushes you to explore and build new memories.

Don't miss out on our annual sale and enjoy this summer with Fashion Freedom, love yourself.

Welcome to Novalico.